DIY Nalgene Cozy

diy nalgene cozy close-up
While randomly cleaning up from a recent Utah trip (stay tuned for more photos...), I found myself with a need to coil a long section of 3mm cordage. I decided to wrap the cord around a Nalgene I found lying about, with the intent to slip it off and finish the coil. While wrapping, I found that it looked quite good, and with a bit more effort, a very handsome cozy had been crafted.
diy nalgene cozy
  1. wrap nalgene bottle in 50-foot length of 3mm cordage.
  2. thread ends back through one another, alternating and crossing in the middle.
  3. soak everything in the sink so the cordage will stretch even further, and tighten once dry.
  4. twist wrappings in direction of wrap, so they tighten around the bottle, pulling slack through the threaded ends
  5. push threaded sections into nice neat lines
  6. tie ends together, forming a handy loop with which to clip bottle to one's belt or ear
  7. enjoy cozy thoroughly, making fun of the less fortunate cozy-less nalgene bottles
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