DIY Nalgene Cozy

diy nalgene cozy close-up
While randomly cleaning up from a recent Utah trip (stay tuned for more photos...), I found myself with a need to coil a long section of 3mm cordage. I decided to wrap the cord around a Nalgene I found lying about, with the intent to slip it off and finish the coil. While wrapping, I found that it looked quite good, and with a bit more effort, a very handsome cozy had been crafted.

The disposable digital made reusable

dakota digital 1

It would appear that somebody associated with Kits/Wolf Camera thought/thinks that marketing single-use digital cameras to the rubes will make them some money. The basic idea is that one buys a digital camera from them, then returns it in exchange for a CD and prints. Considering that this sort of defeats the convenience of the digital age, we'll see how their business model works long-term.

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