Pringles Can Macro Photography

Pringles Macro Quarter Face
GW's face from a quarter
Macro Setup

Thanks to this guy, I went and built a super-cheap macro lense out of some spare camera parts and a used can of jalepeno Pringles®. (Stay tuned here for future macro photos.)

To demonstrate the powaof the Pringles Can System, first, we look at the ® symbol on some crap-ass light from Ikea in figures one and two.
Light Registered Trade Mark
figure one
Macro Light Exposed
figure two

This was taken at a minumum setting, meaning a 70mm lense flipped backwards at infinite focus... Next we play with a quarter, shown above, and just for scale, figure three is presented.

Macro Exposed
figure three

The robot in figure three's face was the next experiment, shown here:

Pringles Macro Robot Face

(Stay tuned here for future macro photos.)

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