A Growing Number of People Rejecting the Theory of Gravity

WJSDB,S Gains momentum in a hysterical nation

The new way of things?Out with the old? The two competing texts. On the left, the new, radical views of WJSDB,S and on the right, the classic tome of knowledge handed down from the academic heavens. Jane Greenoff started Cross Stitching after she failed as a professional Graviton in the Queen's Royal Gravitation Society.
In a nation filled with hysterical masses, it should come as no surprise to PBBBS loyal readers (PLR's) that a growing number of hysterics are beginning to reject Newton's Theory of Gravity (and to a far lesser extent, Einstein's General Relativity, mainly because the hysterics don't associate General Relativity with gravity). The alternative 'theory' isn't so much a theory as a movement by the name of We Just Stay Down Because, Stupid (WJSDB,S).
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